Pricing Your Home
FSBO Training for Home Owners

We are so excited to offer you our module on The PaLaCe© Method of estimating your home's market value!

This module is part of our larger course, FSBO Master Class, a first-of-its-kind, designed to help home owners sell their homes themselves, armed with the knowledge that is taught and practiced by the best real estate agents.

Below, you will find the following:

  • A video guide to estimating your home's value using IndieBroker.Net's unique system, The PaLaCe© Method, including a downloadable pdf transcription of the course.
  • A companion video course, Collecting Zillow Data Into a Spreadsheet, including a downloadable pdf transcription of the course.

download PDF

download PDF

The FSBO Master Class

The REssentials training modules, above, are excerpts from a much more comprehensive REssentials training, The FSBO Master Class. If you are looking for in-depth training on how to sell your home at the highest value with the least aggravation, this is the class for you! It covers the basics and advanced techniques used by top real estate agents.

For more information on the class, click here.